Riveira Silicone Spatula Set 9-Piece 600°F+ Heat Resistant kitchen utensils set Cooking Utensils Set Plastic Rubber Spatulas for Nonstick Cookware Baking Spoon Sets for Kitchen in Black

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"<p><strong>Make meal prepping, cooking, and baking easier</strong> when you utilize these high-performance Riveira Spatulas for Nonstick Cookware. 9-piece silicone spatula set provides an assortment of handy tools to help prep, cook, bake, and more, equipping your kitchen with high-performance implements that are perfect for everyday use.</p> <p><strong>These spatulas for cooking are carefully designed for optimal performance</strong>. Engineered with a strong stainless steel core and covered with silicone rubber for the ultimate heat-resistance and versatility, these non-stick tools won&rsquo;t retain odors from old foods and feature smooth, firm yet flexible edges so you can maneuver them easily while scrapping off the sides of pots and pans or lifting or flipping eggs, fish, and more.</p> <p><strong>From basting meats to icing cakes</strong>, this comprehensive set provides all the utensils you&rsquo;ll need for a completed kitchen cooking tool collection. Smart modern designs protect against high temperature surfaces and won&rsquo;t scratch your expensive pots and pans. Durable, high quality material ensures these spatulas provide lasting use and after using these silicon spatula kitchen utensils, simply place them in the dishwasher for ultimate cleaning convenience.</p> <ul> <li>Silicone Spatula Set provides complete kitchen utility for cooking or baking tasks</li> <li>Includes: <ul> <li>11.1&rdquo; x 2.2&rdquo; W large spatula</li> <li>11.1&rdquo; L x 1.5&rdquo; W middle spatula</li> <li>8.8&rdquo; L x 1.5&rdquo; W small spatula</li> <li>11&rdquo; L x 2.4&rdquo; W spoon spatula</li> <li>13.1&rdquo; L x 1.3&rdquo; W large jar spatula</li> <li>11.2&rdquo; L x 1.3&rdquo; W middle jar spatula</li> <li>9.5&rdquo; L x 1&rdquo; W small jar spatula</li> <li>10.8&rdquo; L x 1.8&rdquo; W large basting brush</li>